About the Blueprint


I wish I could convey to you the excitement and hope that I feel.  Finally, after so much time and effort, this plan is ready to present to the people.   If we enact it fully, this plan will work!  We can manifest a Golden Society in less than a decade.  

Life really is simple and easy.  It should be a joyful adventure. There is ample abundance for all.  Each life should overflow with prosperity, fulfillment, and growth on all levels.  The absence of any of these qualities is a sign that something is amiss. 

 Right now, it doesn’t matter so much how things got messed up.  What matters is solving the dysfunction.  Happily, the answers, like life, are simple and easy.  Individually and collectively, all we have to do is move in harmony with the Flow of Life (Tao), and organize our society in accord with the Laws of Nature.  This Blueprint shows the way to: 

  • Personal fulfillment and self-actualization for each individual.

  • Freedom and self-determination for all.  

  • The elimination of poverty.  

  • Ample abundance, with each person’s lifestyle comparable to a present day millionaire.

  • A thriving economy.

  • A clean, pollution free environment.

  • Unlimited clean water.

  • Abundant healthy, nutritious food for all.

  • Universal education.

  • Effective, accessible wellness care for each person.

  • The reduction and ultimate elimination of crime.

  • Personal spiritual empowerment. 

 Read the Blueprint and join the discussion.  Take your power back.  Together, we can make a better world for ourselves and for all future generations !!!  

 There is a way…  We CAN make it happen !!!