About Jeff

J.S. (Jeff) Boehme was born in central Florida in the mid Sixties, growing up on the family ranch and working in the family business.  From a very young age, he was aware that things are not the way they are supposed to be.  Some of his earliest memories are of the sense of ‘wrongness’ he felt when being taught about life.  

 At an age when most children were reading comic books and watching cartoons, he resolved to investigate the meaning of Life and to commit his energy to setting things right.  His entire life since has been dedicated to that purpose.

To better understand the problem and to help develop solutions, Jeff  explored the human condition through experience.  At university, he studied English, History and Financial Management.  In the  Army, he was trained as an enlisted Combat Engineer and later as an Airborne Infantry officer.  In the business world, he worked in many capacities, from floor sweeper to business owner.

 To gain a deeper understanding of Life, he explored religion and philosophy, and practiced powerful esoteric meditations from Western and Eastern Mystery Traditions.  The experiences resulting from that exploration changed his outlook completely and gave him a perspective far beyond the the limits of his imagination.  

 Blueprint for a Golden Society is the result of his efforts, the answer to those challenges, and the means to accomplish those goals.