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Introducing the 1 Earth Nation !!!

We were born 1 Earth People.  We can choose to be 1 Earth Nation!

The 1 Earth Nation is a borderless nation of individuals dedicated to manifesting Golden Society on Earth.

Since no government on Earth is based on the principles of Golden Society, we must start our own.  When enough citizens have joined the 1 Earth Nation, we will undertake the political, social and economic reforms necessary to provide each person with the benefits of Golden Society: individual fulfillment, personal prosperity, self-determination, spiritual empowerment and a life of growth and joy!

In the meantime, we can exchange ideas, develop solutions, combine our energies, form communities, and support one another through times of turmoil.  Citizens of the 1 Earth Nation will receive special considerations for upcoming workshops, talks and seminars.  Citizens will also receive email updates, alerts and newsletters.  

A nation need not be based on where you live, but on what is in your heart.  We can start our own!  Be audacious!  Join us in transforming our world!  Become a citizen of the 1 Earth Nation by filling out the form below.  (Your privacy will be protected).  


 “Audacity, audacity, always audacity.” – attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte