Manifesto for a Peaceful Revolution

Manifesto for a Peaceful Revolution

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Basis of a Golden Society:

 We are individual parts of a Unified Whole.  If all individuals prosper, the Whole will prosper.  Healthy individuals who have the freedom and empowerment to pursue their self-actualization will naturally tend toward growth, increasing their fulfillment and well-being.  As all individuals maximize their personal fulfillment, society as a whole will reach its potential.  

 Unity does not mean uniformity.  We are all different.  In a Golden Society, the individual is paramount.  It can be called an Individu-ocracy, rule of the individual.  Principles of democracy and representative democracy are employed, but the individual reigns supreme.  Inviolable individual rights are the foundation upon which a Golden Society is built.

 With the freedom resulting from individual rights comes great individual responsibility.  True individuals are independent, self-sustaining, and responsible for themselves.  Each individual is responsible to provide for his or her own welfare.  However, in the light of the interdependence of our existence, this truth is tempered by the clear understanding that although we are a society of unique individuals, all of Life is unified, and we are all connected.  

 Collective well-being is a function of individual well-being.  The well-being of society as a whole depends upon the well-being of each individual citizen.  As such, it is self-evident that while some needs are better provided individually, it will be more functional, efficient, and far easier to provide for some needs collectively.  Common goods and services (education, roads, bridges, etc) will be funded indirectly through contributions to the collective infrastructure.  Individual goods will be paid for directly by each individual.  

 It should also be obvious that during times of upheaval, change, or disaster, the ability of some individuals to sustain themselves will be impaired.  At those times, it will benefit the whole to assist those individuals back to a state of self-sustaining individual independence.  It should also be understood that during the transition from the current dysfunctional social system to a Golden Society, many individuals will need the support of the collective to attain self-sufficiency and self-responsibility.  It will be of great benefit to the whole to assist these individuals to become self-sustaining, contributing members of society.  This does not mean the creation of a welfare state, but rather providing the infrastructure and assistance that empowers individuals to achieve the dignity of self-sustainability.  Self-sufficiency is our natural state.  With our abundant resources utilized efficiently, material independence will be easily attained by all.  

 The key to leadership in a Golden Society is maintaining the balance between the well-being of the individuals and the well-being of the collective.  Leadership cannot be rigid.  Every situation that arises will be different, and not all can be foreseen.  Leaders must be fluid thinkers.  Conscious leadership must apply a profound understanding of the Principles, Means and Elements of a Golden Society to all decisions they make. Understanding the effect that the well-being of the individuals has on the collective, wise leadership will always endeavor to maximize the freedom, prosperity, growth and fulfillment of each citizen in a Golden Society.    

 The following principles, means and elements are foundational to the manifestation of a Golden Society, a society of the heart whose purpose is the well-being, growth, fulfillment, abundance and prosperity of each individual citizen.  


Foundational Principles of a Golden Society:

  • The purpose of Life is growth and expansion
  • Growth and expansion come from the individual pursuit of personal interests (pursuit of happiness, fulfillment, self-actualization, etc.)
  • We live in a Universe of infinite energy and of absolute abundance
  • There are more than enough resources for everyone to live in prosperity and fulfillment
  • When left to their own devices, healthy humans will naturally gravitate towards growth and fulfillment
  • Absolute freedoms of choice and self-determination are vital to the pursuit of personal growth, expansion and fulfillment
  • Every human has the right to pursue their fulfillment using any means necessary provided it does not infringe upon the rights of others
  • The purpose of society is to provide an infrastructure that allows its citizens to pursue their personal growth and fulfillment
  • The success of a society is a function of the fulfillment and prosperity of each citizen


Essential Elements of and Means to Achieve a Golden Society:

  • Unlimited pollution-free energy
  • Honest money owned by the people and created by the people’s representatives
  • Clean, healthy, humane food
  • Comprehensive education for all
  • Universal wellness care
  • A healthy natural environment
  • Honest government
  • Peace
  • Justice on an equal basis
  • Guaranteed human rights
  • A permanent end to poverty
  • A healthy, functional, fulfilled populace
  • Spiritual freedom
  • Prosperity for all

November 13, 2012

J.S. Boehme

Author of Blueprint for a Golden Society


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  1. On November 17, 2012 at 12:47 am Berkeley responded with... #

    It makes sense and if we repeat it, repeat it and repeat it until it becomes our belief that goes beyond reservation, and permeates our subconscious, then we will see it in our outer world as well. Just keep planting those seeds and inevitably there will grow a garden. Thanks for putting it to words, Jeff.

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