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     Blueprint for a Golden Society introduces a revolutionary vision of unprecedented scope and far-reaching implications.  It presents a practical, down-to-earth plan rooted in the heart and in harmony with the Flow of Life. Its power is its simplicity. Its goal is fulfillment and prosperity for all.  

     This groundbreaking book shows the way to end the spiral of political turmoil, social dysfunction and environmental destruction.  A forthright, achievable blueprint to manifest a Golden reality is presented as the current social structure is dismantled and put together again in a way that makes sense.  A Golden Society unleashes the unique, unlimited potential of each individual and the population as a whole.


  • unlimited pollution-free energy
  • an honest monetary system
  • clean, healthy, nutritious food
  • comprehensive education for all
  • universal wellness care
  • a healthy natural environment
  • honest government
  • peace
  • justice on an equal basis
  • guaranteed human rights
  • a permanent end to poverty 
  • prosperity for all

There is a way to have it all… and to pay for it all.

Only by raising our awareness, individually and collectively, can we create the civilization that is our inheritance.  Are you willing to step out of the box and into a new reality? Are you open to all possibilities?  There is a way…  We CAN make it happen !!!

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