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Welcome 1 Earth People… !!!

This website is dedicated to the peaceful transition to a Golden Society. To create a Golden Society, a society based on the intelligence and awareness of the heart, we must have a PLAN!   THERE IS A WAY TO HAVE: unlimited pollution-free energy an honest monetary system clean, healthy, nutritious food comprehensive education for all […]

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Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point

WATCH THIS VIDEO! It will change your world…

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Enlightenment Happens Inside Your Body

Enlightenment Happens Inside Your Body… “It’s not all this airy-fairy stuff, people.  Enlightenment happens inside your body!”  I lost count of the times I heard my dear friend and mentor, the venerable Sunyata Saraswati, say this to groups of students.  In my years of teaching meditation and self-awareness practices, just as happened to Sunyata, I […]

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An Overview Of The Book

     Blueprint for a Golden Society introduces a revolutionary vision of unprecedented scope and far-reaching implications.  It presents a practical, down-to-earth plan rooted in the heart and in harmony with the Flow of Life. Its power is its simplicity. Its goal is fulfillment and prosperity for all.        This groundbreaking book shows […]

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Organic Whole Food

Organic Solutions for Our Food Supply I am encouraged by the amount of public activism concerning our dangerously degraded food supply.  However, despite the good intentions, unless the means of seeking change are modified, they have little chance of long-term success.   Fair Food advocacy movements are mostly defensive in nature, reacting to the actions […]

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Unlimited Clean Water

Clean Water for All! “From WATER doth all life begin”                 Frank Herbert –  Dune  Nowhere is scarcity mentality more prevalent than in our attitude toward water, one of life’s most important elements.  Scarcity mentality dominates this subject, preventing clear thinking and new solutions.  Yes, over 1 Billion people […]

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Unlimited Free Energy

Free Energy is REAL! Free Energy is real, my friends.  Free Energy is real.  Within 1 to 3 years, every person on Earth can have access to unlimited clean power without any of the attendant environmental pollution or toxic waste.  This reality is here, NOW.  It is the most closely guarded secret of those who […]

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