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Unlimited Clean Water

Clean Water for All!

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“From WATER doth all life begin”    

            Frank Herbert –  Dune

 Nowhere is scarcity mentality more prevalent than in our attitude toward water, one of life’s most important elements.  Scarcity mentality dominates this subject, preventing clear thinking and new solutions.  Yes, over 1 Billion people (1 out of every 6) are without sufficient clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and hygiene.  Yes, the world’s elite are buying up the fresh water reserves in South America and elsewhere.  Yes, aquifers are running dry all over the planet.  Yet, there is more than enough water if we choose to apply our ingenuity and willpower to the situation.  

 First, we must begin thinking outside the box.  The scarcity program is so deeply ingrained that even seekers of solutions come from that perspective.  Yet, we live on a planet whose surface is over two-thirds water.  We also live in a universe of unlimited energy.  If we marry those two truths, we can generate enough clean water to transform the lives of every human while benefitting the ecosystem of the entire Earth!

 The oceans contain more water than we can ever use, but it is salty.  We already have the technology for mass desalinization, but it is energy intensive.  With unlimited free energy, that barrier is removed!  We can desalinate as much seawater as we choose.  The resulting fresh water can be used for drinking, hygiene, irrigation, and environmental reclamation.  

 Over half of the human population lives within 200 miles of the sea.  All of the needs of this coastal population segment can be provided by desalinated water, leaving the inland water sources available to serve the inland population.

 High volume pumping technology has existed for decades.  If oil/tar sands can be pumped from Canada to Texas, as the energy cartel proposes to do, we can certainly pump water at least that far.  Think about the impact this would have on our world.

 On the west coast of the U. S., all of California can be provided with desalinated water.  With over 37 Million people living in California, over 10% of the total U.S. population would be converted to desalinated water in that state alone.  Not only will the fresh water living needs of the people be provided, but the irrigation for California’s massive agriculture production can be supplied by desalination.  If this one state alone is supplied with desalinated water, the pressure on inland water sources in the arid Southwest will be greatly relieved.

 On the eastern seaboard, the dense population from Portland, ME to Miami, FL can be easily provided with desalinated water.  The same holds true with Gulf Coast states.  From western Florida to Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX, ample fresh water can be supplied for the daily needs of the people as well as for the high levels of agricultural production so important to that region.  

 Florida is riddled by sinkholes that are caused by the depletion of the aquifer.  As detrimental as that it, it is not as great a concern as the severe reduction in the Ogalalla Aquifer in the Midwest.  This ancient underground water reservoir serves the agricultural needs of the Great Plains states from South Dakota to Texas.  In the few decades since it was tapped, over half of its water has been withdrawn.  Water pumped from the Gulf of Mexico could cross Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska without ever having to cross a mountain range.  The Midwest Grain Belt can be irrigated by desalinated water while the Ogallala Aquifer is replenished by natural rainfall.  

 Some people may look at the creation of a desalinized fresh water network as a massive undertaking.  Indeed it is, but it will benefit all people on many levels.  Creating this water system means job creation, reduction in food costs and economic boom.  Workers in the current energy industry will not only find work in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of free energy devices; they will also be needed in the creation of the fresh water infrastructure.  There will be far more new, satisfying and beneficial jobs created than those lost in the old dirty energy sector.  Free energy and water desalinization will mean a large net gain in jobs. 

 World hunger can also be solved with desalinated water.  For example, the Mediterranean Coast of North Africa, from Tangiers, Morocco to Cairo, Egypt is over 2,200 miles long, as the crow flies.  If this desert area is provided with desalinated water for just the first 200 miles inland, there will be over 440,000 square miles of irrigated land.  If only half of that land is dedicated to agriculture, the former desert of North Africa can become the basis of a new bread basket for that continent.  

 Ethiopia, Somalia, and other countries around the world suffering from drought and famine can become self-sufficient.  Just as important as the agriculture is the potential for environmental restoration.  Tens of thousands of square miles of land are desertified annually due to poor farming practices, overgrazing, and climate change.  

 Forests can be replanted and land reclaimed by using desalinated water.  This process will sequester carbon in the restored soil as well as in the new plant matter.  Reforestation and environmental reclamation will also cause weather patterns to shift.  Lands that haven’t seen regular rain since their forests were denuded will have rainfall again.  Rain that does fall will percolate through the humus rather than run off, causing erosion and carrying away topsoil.  Reservoirs and inland fresh water bodies can be filled, allowing even more water to filter down to refill aquifers.  Wells that have been dry for decades will begin to produce water again.  

 When making change, it is of great benefit to turn a negative into a positive.  Much of the technology developed for the oil industry and used to our detriment can be applied beneficially to fresh water production.  Offshore oil rig technology can be converted to the creation of offshore desalinization plants.  Floating plants can be built in industrial centers and towed to virtually any location around the world.  

 Oil pumping and pipeline technology can be applied to a fresh water network as well.  With it, desalinated water can be pumped virtually anywhere.  If oil can be pumped across such difficult regions as the Arctic, pumping water across Africa and the U. S. Midwest will be a snap!  Best of all, there will be virtually no danger.  A broken pipe just means the ground will be wet.  Salt water effluent from the desalinization process redistributes harmlessly in the ocean.  

 Another potential benefit of mass desalinization will be a counter to rising ocean levels.  Fresh water pumped from the oceans will fill reservoirs, lakes and other inland bodies.  It will also percolate through the soil to refill aquifers.  In addition, massive quantities will be stored in new plant matter and humus as once arid areas are converted to organic agriculture, reforestation and environmental reclamation.  Many trillions of gallons will be permanently removed from the oceans in this way.  

 With increased plant mass, oxygen levels will rise, carbon dioxide will decrease and surface temperatures will drop.  Polar ice caps and glaciers will begin to grow again.  The result will be a healthier, happier population and planet, mitigated global warming, and lower ocean levels.

 We have all the technology we need to enact this plan RIGHT NOW!  We only need the willpower to demand our due.  Within one decade, every person on Earth can have ample food and fresh water.  Don’t buy into the scarcity propaganda.  We have more than enough resources for many more than the 6.5 Billion people alive today to live in absolute abundance!  Spread the word!  We can do it!!!  

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 November 20, 2012

J.S. (Jeff) Boehme

Author, Blueprint for a Golden Society







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