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Unlimited Free Energy

Free Energy is REAL!

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Free Energy is real, my friends.  Free Energy is real.  Within 1 to 3 years, every person on Earth can have access to unlimited clean power without any of the attendant environmental pollution or toxic waste.  This reality is here, NOW.  It is the most closely guarded secret of those who would control you through the petro-dollar, maintain your dependence on a central system, and tax your abundance through unnecessary spending for a commodity that exists in infinite quantities and should be free for the taking.  

 By the term “Free Energy,” I am not referring to a Socialist-type economic system in which citizens get their gasoline and electricity free of charge.  I am talking about a concept that physicists sometimes label ‘Overunity.’  Overunity is the process of extracting more energy from a system than is input into that system, rendering the excess energy ‘free.’  Free Energy also refers to systems that extract energy from the fabric of Creation with no energy input at all.  These systems are very real, and have existed in various forms since the early 1900s.  

 As far as cost is concerned, the energy will be nearly free.  For the one time cost of a Free Energy device, people can generate energy for a lifetime.  Depending on the type of device, there may be occasional maintenance expense, but this will be a minute fraction of the amount spent on gasoline, diesel, electricity, heating oil, coal, natural gas, propane and firewood.  

 Never again will there be another blackout.  With the power supply decentralized, there will be no grid to knock out and no power lines to be damaged.  To cut power to a home or facility, the individual power generating unit would have to be destroyed or impaired.  The remaining homes and facilities nearby would be unaffected.  Power would be restored by replacing or repairing the damaged generator.  In the case of Hurricane Sandy, few, if any, people would have lost power.  In the rare individual cases of power lost due to a damaged free energy device, it could be restored in a matter of hours.  

 The economic ramifications are also astounding.  Not only will you never have to directly pay for energy again, the indirect cost of energy will be removed from all goods and services.  It is estimated that 50% to 90% of the cost of all goods including food are the energy costs of production, manufacturing and transportation.  You will never have to spend another dime on gasoline, diesel, electricity, propane, natural gas, or heating oil.  With integrated free energy, your spending power will more than double without your income changing one whit!  

 Sadly, many people are so programmed with scarcity consciousness that they have difficulty accepting the reality of Free Energy.  Even the most ardent environmentalists and social activists often have a hard time wrapping their minds around the concept.  

 It can be mind-blowing and paradigm-challenging to realize that NONE of the energy cost, pollution, illness, environmental degradation and energy wars were necessary.  The deeper implications are often harder to accept.  Realizing the truth of Free Energy means acknowledging the level of deception engendered by those whom we trusted to represent us.  The egos of many people simply can not go there.  

 The Alternative Energy Deception

I hate to shatter the illusions of so many well meaning people, but solar, wind, tide, fuel cell and other ‘alternative’ technologies are merely distractions.  The energy cartel created a false struggle between alternative and conventional energy systems as a means of diverting focus from real solutions.   

 Alternative energy systems are incredibly expensive based on the amount of energy returned.  Hence, they are no threat to the energy establishment.  For example, solar power systems sufficient for powering a home can cost tens of thousands of dollars, some costing over one hundred thousand.  By contrast, some free energy devices that would supply power for a lifetime can be built for a few hundred dollars.  

 Many environmentalists and social activists have invested a great deal of themselves into the championing of these ‘alternative’ energy sources.  Acknowledging the existence of Free Energy seemingly invalidates their efforts.  Proponents of ‘alternative’ energy would have to admit to themselves and to the world how badly they have been duped and how they unwittingly and unknowingly participated in the energy deception.  

 There is no shame in admitting that you were influenced by a multi-billion dollar propaganda campaign.  I bought into the illusion and was once a strong proponent of ‘alternative’ energy systems.  For some people, though, so much of their self-image is invested in their perspective that they would prefer to remain in denial rather than admit their error.  For others, the implications of a paradigm shift to Free Energy is so huge that their consciousness shrinks back from the enormity of it. 

 I honor the proponents of solar, wind, tide and other renewable energy resources.  These people have the awareness to identify and acknowledge a problem along with the willingness to search outside the box for solutions.   They only need to step a little farther outside into an even bigger box.  Conventional ‘alternative’ energy systems such as wind and solar work with the forces of nature to achieve harmonious power generation.  They make perfect sense.  Before I understood the truth of Free Energy, I invested a lot of my time figuring out ways to integrate alternative energy into society to address the energy crisis.

 However, there are better solutions.  Nature is much bigger than planet Earth alone.  There are ways and means to address energy needs that exist on a much grander scale.  Many new doors open when you realize the ‘Laws’ of Thermodynamics are more mutable than you might imagine and are more based on a Newtonian world concept than a multi-dimensional, Unified Field, Einsteinian, quantum Cosmos.  

 Physical and Mystical Views of Free Energy

The ‘Laws’ of Thermodynamics state that more energy can not come from a system than that which is put into it.  That simply is not true.  The very existence of the galaxy in which we live disproves that statement.  The galaxy began with a Big Bang.  Everything in it came from ‘Nothing.‘  Every bit of energy and matter in our galaxy comes spiraling into existence from an extra-dimensional source at the center of the galaxy.   

 The cosmic supply of energy and matter is infinite.  It comes from another dimension that scientists label as the Void, Zero Point, Subspace, the Vacuum and other terms.  Mystics throughout history also relate to this primal nothingness.  Judeo-Christians call it Ain, Nothingness, or Ain Soph, Endless Nothing.  Genesis says that in the beginning all was Void.  Hindus call it Sunyata, Nothingness.  Taoists call it Wu Chi, which means No Chi or Emptiness.  Yogis seek Nirvana, No Wind.  The concept is there, poetically and allegorically, in every mystical system and every true explanation of the process of Creation.  

 This Void that mystics experience as Nothingness or Emptiness is actually full.  It is filled with energy in a perfectly balanced state, as demonstrated by Buckminster Fuller’s vector equilibrium.  Western mystics describe creation from the Void as a mathematical equation 0= (-1) + (+1).  When the balanced units existing in the Void are split into their positive and negative components, massive energy is released and manifests into our dimensional reality.  This process is demonstrated on grand scale by the Big Bang and by the continuous manifestation of galactic energy and matter.  The brilliant physicist, Nassim Haramein, who advanced Einstein’s Field Equations, shows the geometry of this physics.  I highly recommend his videos.  

 Creation through the splitting of the Nothing into negative and positive fits perfectly with the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, imaged by the Tai Chi symbol with the Wu Chi dot in the center.  When you spin a Tai Chi symbol, you can see the spiral nature of the energy as it emanates from the Void at the center.  In the Qaballa, Kether (the Crown), is called ‘First Swirlings’ and is seen as manifesting from the Ein Soph (Endless Nothing).  This is perfectly analagous to the Taoist system.  

 This reality of manifested polar opposites is also is represented by Shakti/Shiva in Hinduism, Binah/Chokmah in Judeo-Christian mysticism and many other terms representing the feminine (-1) and masculine (+1) in mystical and religious systems throughout history.  There is no disparity between true science and true spirituality.  When you understand the languages, you can see they say the exact same things.  

 Nikola Tesla – Grandfather of Free Energy

Nikola Tesla understood the truth of infinite energy from the Void.  He proposed to connect to the ‘Wheelwork of Nature, ’ to put it in the idiom of his day.  Tesla discovered how to access limitless free energy, and began building The Wardenclyffe Tower located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York to wirelessly broadcast free energy.  His ultimate goal was to wirelessly transmit limitless, clean, free energy to every person on the planet.  

 Upon understanding the true nature of Tesla’s plan, J.P. Morgan uttered his infamous quote, “Where can I put the meter?”  Morgan then cut off Tesla’s funding.  The project was abandoned (the foundation of the tower still exists).  Tesla died a pauper, while Thomas Edison, who played along with the energy cartel, merged with General Electric and became wealthy.  

 Upon his death, Tesla’s research was seized by government agents and hidden from the public.  The interesting fact is that the agency charged with taking custody of Tesla’s research was The Office of Alien Property.  This agency was responsible for the confiscation of the property of citizens of enemy countries during times of war.  Since Nikola Tesla was an American citizen, it doesn’t make sense that this office would seize his research.  

 Since his death, Tesla’s research has never been duplicated.  Many other geniuses have approached Free Energy from different angles, some pursuing lines of thought based on Tesla’s approach.  Many have had success and produced free energy devices of varying degrees of elegance and sophistication.  All have been suppressed either through direct payments and bribes to sequester the technology, or through threats, intimidation and ridicule.  When those methods failed, murder has been the final option.  You will be shocked at how many geniuses whose goal was to help humanity died under mysterious circumstances, usually after stating that they had refused multimillion and even billion dollar bribes.

 The Question

The question we need to ask is not, “Do all proposed Free Energy systems work?”  The question should be, “Do ANY Free Energy systems work?”  If even only one works, then the Laws of Thermodynamics are overturned and we have a whole new ball game.  My own research has proven to me that multiple Free Energy systems work and are functioning TODAY.  I am confident your research will prove the same to you.  

 Entire books have been written about different Free Energy technologies that exist today.  I don’t have space to go into all of them here, nor is that the purpose of this article.  I will, however, sketch various broad categories of Free Energy systems, with a few examples, to help jump start your own exploration.  

 Water Powered Motors

Water powered motors have been available since the 1970’s.  There are several different working systems today.  Technically, these motors aren’t powered by water, but by hydrogen.  Water is the source of the hydrogen.  High voltage, low amperage power is used to split water molecules into their components of hydrogen and oxygen.  The hydrogen is burned in a combustion chamber, just like in our gasoline powered cars.  When burned, the hydrogen recombines with the oxygen and the exhaust is water vapor.  

 Electrolysis, the process of splitting water, has been known to science for decades.  The problem has been that it took more energy to split the water than could be obtained from burning the hydrogen.  The high voltage, low amperage solution changes that.  Now, vast quantities of hydrogen can be produced with very little power input.  Using this method, burning the hydrogen generates far more power than the energy required to produce it.  Not only that, it is extremely safe compared to conventional hydrogen fuel cells.  

 The energy cartel is using hydrogen fuel cells as its latest scam to control you through controlling energy.  In the fuel cell system, hydrogen is split from oil, coal, or other substances carrying hydrogen.  The hydrogen would then be shipped to hydrogen fuel stations (intended to replace gas stations) and sold to the public.  The remaining carbon would be waste.    

 This is a dangerous and costly process.  Hydrogen is a volatile, explosive element.  This volatility makes it an excellent fuel source which is used in the space shuttle and other rocket technology, but also makes it hazardous to handle.  Remember the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg was a hydrogen blimp that caught fire and burned catastrophically.  After that disaster, hydrogen use was discontinued and helium became the lighter-than-air element used to give blimps their lift.

 The Hindenburg disaster demonstrates the danger inherent in creating, transporting, storing and pumping hydrogen.  For fuel cell use, hydrogen must be transported and stored in pressurized tanks using similar systems to liquid propane.  The fuel tank in your vehicle would have to be a pressurized tank as well.  Think of running every vehicle on liquid propane and you will get an idea of what a hydrogen fuel cell system would be like.  It is costly, dangerous and absolutely unnecessary.

 Water is the most plentiful substance on Earth.  Two-thirds of the surface of the planet is covered with water.  Water is safe, non-combustible and non-toxic.  Hydrogen can be safely stored in your vehicle in the form of water.  The water is only split when it is needed.  The hydrogen is then immediately burned in the combustion chamber.  There is no danger, no exhaust fumes and virtually no cost.  

 In the 1970’s, during the OPEC crisis, a patriotic inventor named Stanley Meyer decided to apply his genius to eliminating the U.S. dependency on foreign oil.  His water splitter was one of the first devices of its kind.  He demonstrated to extremely skeptical patent inspectors that he could generate large volumes of hydrogen from water using very little power.  He obtained multiple international patents for his devices.  

 One of the greatest benefits of Stan Meyer’s invention is that it could use any type of water.  In conventional electrolysis, only distilled, pure water can be used.  Mr. Meyer’s water splitter could use sea water, lake water, ditch water and tap water.  There is virtually no limit to his fuel supply.

 The most advanced version of Mr. Meyer’s water splitter was a small device that replaced the spark plugs in a gas engine.  Using it converted any gas engine to a water powered motor.  Mr. Meyer converted his dune buggy to a water powered vehicle, drove it around Ohio and the U.S., and displayed it at many environmental expos.  He received national news coverage and you can still find many of his television interviews posted online.  

 According to Mr. Meyer, the oil cartel approached him through an Arab intermediary and offered him $1.2 Billion to sequester his invention.  Meyer refused.  They then threatened his life.  Meyer still refused.  Shortly thereafter, Stanley Meyer died under extremely suspicious circumstances.  His home was broken into and his research removed.  Over a decade later, we are still waiting for water powered cars.  

 Stan Meyer is not the only person to develop water based hydrogen technology.  There are others out there today.  These inventors are being more circumspect, having learned the lesson of Mr. Meyer’s death.  Nevertheless, the technology is viable and represents the easiest step in the conversion to a Free Energy society.  

 In the long run, there will be more elegant systems that provide infinite, non-polluting, safe energy to every person.  To begin the process, though, water conversion kits can transform every diesel and gasoline combustion engine in use within a year.  

 Imagine going to the store and buying a conversion kit for $100 or so.  After installing it in your vehicle, you will never have to pay for fuel again!  Your vehicle will run on water.  You can get it from any sink, faucet or standing water in the world.  Not only that, there will be no more diesel and gasoline exhaust fumes.  Since the water that is split into hydrogen and oxygen is recombined during the combustion process, it is a closed loop system.  The same amount of water that is used to create fuel is released as water vapor.  Water will be split, burned, and returned to water.  The worst possible effect is the air may become a bit more humid.  

 Cleaning up vehicle emissions will be a huge step in mitigating air and water pollution.  But, water powered motors go beyond just vehicles.  Gasoline and diesel generators are used as both main power sources and as back-up power supplies for homes, hospitals, businesses and other institutions.  These generators can be converted to water power as easily as vehicles.  

 Imagine converting a gasoline generator and hooking it up to your home.  You would never need to pay for electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, firewood or any other energy source again!  For larger facilities such as factories, office buildings, hospitals, and schools, larger generators would be needed.  If the requirements are too great for a single generator, multiple generators can be connected in series to provide sufficient power.  Even large facilities such as these can be taken off the grid and powered by Free Energy.  

 Even as I write this, millions are languishing without power due to the effects of Super Storm Sandy.  This is absolutely unnecessary.  With individual water powered generators (or other Free Energy devices), power would have remained for virtually all.  Only in the rare cases in which storm damage directly affected a generator or interfered with a building’s ability to distribute power would anyone have been affected.  In such cases, replacement generators could be provided in short order, rather than requiring the time and expense to repair an entire cumbersome, vulnerable grid. 

 Within one year, every existing vehicle and generator can be converted to water power!  Future vehicles and generators will be built with water powered motors and no conversion will be necessary.  Until then, conversion kits can be easily installed.  

 Water powered motors are, perhaps, the most crude form of free energy device.  Nevertheless, they have the power, literally and figuratively, to transform our society, economy and environment.  We would never need another oil well, natural gas frack, coal mine or nuclear power plant.  Can you now understand why the multi-Trillion dollar energy cartel is willing to use lethal force to sequester this technology?  Wars have been started for less than is at stake here.

 Direct Drive Magnetic Motors

Direct drive magnetic motors are another means of using conventional physics to generate free energy.  Electricity is conventionally created by the spinning  of a generator.  Various systems are used to accomplish this spinning.  The force of falling water from dams is one means used to turn generator.  Most of the other means depend on heat.  Heat is used to generate steam which is used to turn turbines which turn generators which produce electricity.  This heat can come from coal, nuclear, oil or other forms of fuel.  All of these sources pollute, are finite and expensive.  

 Direct drive magnetic motors use magnetism to produce the necessary centrifugal force to turn generators.  Magnets are placed in a rotor at a specific angle with the same pole, north or south, facing out.  Other magnets are place at a specific angle in a stator with the same pole facing inward.  (Stators are components that surround rotors).  As even school children know, like poles of magnets repel each other.  Since the magnets are placed at specific angles, the force of repulsion causes the rotors to rotate.  Depending on the number and strength of the magnets, the rotors can attain incredible speed and torque.

 The rotors are attached to axles around which they revolve.  The axles are attached to generators.  The force of the magnetic motor turns the axle, which in turn rotates the generator, thus producing electricity.  Even small versions of this system generate several times the amount of power needed to run a typical home.  

 These systems are relatively inexpensive to produce.  Magnets, axles, and the medium (strong plastic or other material) used to make the rotors and stators are cheap.  The most expensive component is the generator itself.  Right now, a magnetic motor can be produced for a few hundred dollars.  Imagine, for less than a thousand dollars, installing a magnetic motor generator system in your home that provides all of your power needs.  You can even plug in your electric car as well.  No pollution, no noise, and free power for years!

 Another exciting potential is the use of super-small scaled down versions of direct drive magnetic motors.  These can fit in the battery compartment of an electric vehicle and keep the batteries charged continuously.  Electric cars would have unlimited range and never need to be plugged in for power.  In fact, your vehicle can be used as a mobile power source, providing clean energy wherever you go!  You can just plug a cord right into your car.  

 Most permanent magnets have a life of 100 to 500 years.  The only components you will have to maintain are the axles and the generators.  Eventually, the bearings in the axles will wear out and need to be replaced.  As with all conventional generators and alternators, eventually, the brushes and other components will need to be replaced.  With so many generators in use, rebuilt ones will be plentiful at a fraction of the new cost.  

 For larger facilities, just as with water powered motors, larger magnetic motors can drive larger generators and multiple generators can be connected in series.  Once again, the danger of lost power due to natural and man-made disaster will be mitigated, pollution eliminated, health improved, carbon emissions eradicated, global warming alleviated, the environment restored, the economy strengthened, and personal spending power increased.  

 Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is a means of producing energy through chemical reactions.  It is far less expensive than hot fusion, the type of fusion reaction that takes place in the cores of stars.  Currently, conventional science and the energy cartel are exploring hot fusion technology.  Hot fusion reactors cost over $1 Billion each.  This puts them out of the reach of the average person, making them the exclusive property of those who would charge you for energy.  Hot fusion reactors are also dangerous.

 Cold fusion technology has been in existence, with patents to validate them, since the 1980s.  There has been a huge effort by the energy cartel and their paid scientific advocates to suppress this information, so if you choose to investigate cold fusion on your own, there will be a huge amount of trash and disinformation to wade through.  The fact that the establishment has gone to such efforts to ‘debunk’ cold fusion, in my eyes,  actually validates its efficacy.  

Cold fusion uses chemical reactions to produce energy with very little expense.  In the process, simpler elements are converted to more complex.  This makes it an exciting technology, not only for the energy, but for the rare elements that are its by-product.  Palladium and other useful materials can be produced through cold fusion. There are also exciting implications for the disposal of toxic elements.  It may be that radioactive or other toxic elements can be used in the generation of cold fusion energy.  As a secondary result, the toxic elements could be converted to safer, more stable and more useful elements.  

 In my opinion, cold fusion would be better used in larger facilities.  Hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, and apartment buildings could install cold fusion generators to power the entire facility.  It may be that in time it can be scaled to such a level that it can be used for individual homes.  In the meantime, cold fusion should be pursued as a viable, safe, clean, useful power source that produces needed complex elements as a by-product.  

 Energy from the Void

The final Free Energy system I will address is the most elegant.  Energy can be drawn directly from the Void.  Eventually, all Free Energy will come from this source.  In the future, either waves of Free Energy will be broadcast throughout the Earth as Tesla envisioned, or each building, vehicle and device will have its own energy generation device embedded within it.  Either way, will will live in a world of no cost, non-polluting, safe, natural, environmentally friendly energy that is free of wires, cords and plugs.  

Unfortunately, despite all of his patents, Tesla’s original research has never publicly been recreated in full.  Other scientists and inventors have pursued similar lines of research and have had success.  Zero Point free energy devices exist today in various prototype and experimental forms.  It is hard to get a clear picture of how far along these inventions have come, because all of these inventors are experiencing threats, intimidation and suppression.  The energy cartel fears these devices most of all.  

 For example, the genius inventor John Bedini has working motors that pull an energy spike out of the Vacuum.  He stores the energy in golf cart batteries because he hasn’t yet figured out how Tesla stored and converted this energy.  There are videos where John shows this technology in action, speaks about the physics principles behind it, and states that he uses it to power his shop.  However, he will not sell the technology to anyone.  Though he doesn’t say so, I believe this is because of an understanding with the energy cartel in which they let him live as long as he doesn’t sell his invention.  

 There is also a religious community in Switzerland that is entirely powered by an electrostatic motor similar to those built by Bedini.  They will not give the plans to anyone.  Ostensibly, they say it is because they don’t believe the world is spiritually ready to handle it.  I personally believe that it is because of an uneasy truce with the energy cartel in which the Swiss community won’t be harmed as long as they keep their invention from the public.  In the end, their reasoning may be correct.  Perhaps, collectively, we are not spiritually ready for Free Energy if we are willing to allow those who provide it to be harmed in the name of profit and power.  

 Until the truth embargo is lifted and these inventors are free to speak, we won’t know how far advanced the Zero Point technology has come.  I do know that water powered conversions and direct drive magnetic motors are ready for use now.  We can seamlessly integrate them into our society in less than a year.  In the mean time, resources can be dedicated to the development of already existing Zero Point technology as our long-term energy strategy.  Within a short time, the technology and plan will be in place to convert the Earth into a Zero Point energy culture!This technology exists here and now, TODAY.  We only need the collective will to implement it.

 My book, Blueprint for a Golden Society, presents a practical plan to create a conscious society with Free Energy as a foundational component.  The book shows how Free Energy integrates seamlessly into a new economy, monetary system, food supply, wellness care system, education system, political structure, and every other societal component, creating a world of prosperity, fulfillment, self-determination and abundance for all.  

 Keep Going!

I expect anyone who is drawn to this article to be self-motivated and to have an inner drive for awareness, change and growth.  You do not need me to spoon feed you.  However, I will provide you will a spoon and tell you where to find some rather tasty and nutritious food!  Below is information that will help jump start your exploration into Free Energy and other elements of a new Golden Age.

 Watch the video Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point.  A link to it can be found on the front page of the website:  As you watch it, be aware that several of the people interviewed for the video have since died under suspicious, often brutal, circumstances.  

 Check out the many links listed in the Free Energy section on the Educate Yourself page of the website:

 Run internet searches for the following terms and people.  You will find great info in video, audio and written form:

  • Free Energy
  • Overunity
  • Electrostatic Motors
  • Nikola Tesla
  • John Bedini
  • Floyd ‘Sparky’ Sweet
  • Stanley Meyer
  • Bruce DePalma
  • Dr. Paramahansa Tewari
  • Edwin Gray (Gray Motor)
  • Dr. Tom Bearden
  • Daniel Dingle
  • Joseph Newman
  • Dr. Stefan Marinov
  • Dr. Brian O’Leary
  • Moray King
  • Dr. Yull Brown
  • John Hutchinson
  • Dr. Shiuji Inomata
  • Wade Frazier


This is only a partial list, but is more than enough to jump start your personal exploration.  Once again, the question isn’t “Do all of these systems work?” but rather “Do any of these systems work?”  

 I’ll say it again: Free energy is real, my friends!  Free Energy is real!  This technology exists here and now, TODAY.  We can immediately live in a carbon pollution free world, impact global warming, throw off the yoke of energy enslavement, and keep our money for ourselves.  

 There are deeper spiritual implications of Free Energy in addition to the economic impact and environmental effect.  With the understanding of the existence of unlimited, infinite energy and material energy independence comes the understanding of the unlimited nature of your being and your total spiritual freedom.  This concept of absolute independence and infinite abundance is of even greater concern to the establishment than the loss of energy profits and power.  Understanding their innate spiritual freedom, the people will throw off the entire yoke of carefully contrived control.  A revolution far beyond the energy systems will take place.  Free Energy is the crack in the foundation of the system that will bring down the entire structure.  

The Energy Crisis will not be solved by building wind farms, driving a Prius or using compact fluorescents.  It certainly won’t be solved by clean coal (an oxymoron if there ever was one), oil sands pipelines, natural gas fracking or offshore drilling.  Those are just distractions.  The energy crisis will only be solved by stepping out of the box of scarcity mentality and into the reality of infinite plentitude.  We live in a Universe of infinite energy.  It is time to change your paradigm, expand your awareness, and stand up for what is yours.

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J.S. (Jeff) Boehme, November 6, 2012


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